Believe or not: but this is the fact !!

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Every Stock Market Trader needs only two things to be successful (or survive) from Market’s onslaught, namely

first). Major Support &/or Resistance Level as the case may be, and,

second). Expected Directional View – especially when News Flow is against you.

Today’s write-up is covering those two points in great details. Treat this as Case Study. If any doubt or query then please do cross verification before drawing any conclusion.

As usual our opponent would not believe but this is the only the fact !!

Now a days, Many Traders are taking Trading Decisions purely based on Google Knowledge and treating that as FINAL WORD, whereas double confirmation from a Regulated Professional Advisor could be the game changer.

Be Alert: Free of Cost educational literature & materialcan prove to be very costly for your Trading account in the end.

Trading is all about Probabilities. Only Experienced Advisor can give you the least number of Probabilities by using Proprietary Indictors’ Values and from the Market Command & Knowledge gained over time.

Below is the exact example to explain this:

Nifty started falling from 4th July 2019 High and Stopped exactly the day when we mentioned 10800 Support to our Clients. Even Free Trial Clients were also updated at the same time. And, thereafter 11160 was also Updated to Clients on Friday 9th August.

Now everyone talking about this Range of 10800 to 11100 which of course we had updated you first. This made possible by in-house developed proprietary trading strategy called “Pillars Strategy”.

Lastly, Please Note:

1). We are neither playing over-confident nor behaving with arrogance. Each Failure has been turned into steping stone. We also went wrong at many time but never stopped learning & improvising. And, that is what makes our Strategy stand out from others.

2).  What you are seeing is final conclusion. Whereas, each & every day had seen abnormally high price volatility. There was a day when NIFTY gave 600pts Intraday movement. Hope you would remember Monday 26 August 2019.

3). NIFTY had closed below 10800 on two occasions. First was on Thursday 22nd August, that day we advised Exit from long Positions. But, very next day when NIFTY made low of 11637 we are back in game. Second Time was on 3rd September but our long position was on hold.

Paid Clients’ Screen Shot are attached below for easy references, note the WhatsApp timings.

Both BEL & HINDALCO worked out well as mentioned in 23rd August Morning Update.

4). This article is just a sample about our elaborative, transparent working style. Same thing we are doing for Stocks & Commodity from time to time. However, NBCC & INFY proven to be exceptional.

5). Capital, Patience is must. As, we are going for Quality over Quantity. Maximum 4 or 6 Entries for Nifty, BankNifty Index in any 12 Months’ Period. And, all should turn out to be either at Market Peak or Bottom of that time.

Example: In next 2 to 3 months IF NIFTY makes new High (or even breaks above 11500)  then this Pillar level 10800 would be treated as Market Bottom.

6). Likewise, we are defining & re-defining our Stock Futures’ Selection Criteria, too. Few names stand out for Year 2019 till date – YESBANK, ESCORTS, TATAMOTORS, KTKBANK, IBULHSGFIN, EQUITAS, HDFC, LICHSGFIN, etc… worked out very well in both side of Market – BUY and SHORT SELL and evenly spread out across the months of 2019.

Keep Booking Profits,  Trade Safely, Closing my write-up !

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