Pillars’ Strategy generated INR 169000/- Profit out of single Lots

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Trading Success requires perfect blend of Ego, Risk, Possibilities and Trust. Mind you this is rare combination. So, we works with PROBABILITIES to overcome from this rarity.

In this article, we are showcasing the same PROBABILITY concept in working.

Secondly, you would realize upon reading this write-up that none of our messages are in isolation rather interlinked and that to be well in advance, this is real analysis.

Screen Short attached for easy reference.

Listing out live Examples for better clarity:

1). We advised Nifty BankNifty Futures’ buy on Friday, 30th August 2019 whereas three days earlier that is on 27 August 2019 informed all Clients about “POSSIBILITY” of 200pts correction on Tuesday, 3rd September 2019, too. Monday Ganesh Chaturthi Holiday.

2). “EGO” – Talking about TGT of 11700 on 30th August, especially when Prices are unable to break above 11160, rather keep breaking below 10800 both on Intraday and closing basis. On top of that News Flow, General Sentiments, “Traditional” Technical Analysis all are indicating for more weakness to follow,

Most Importantly, On 19 September, People lost hope for 11700 but WE were confident.

3). “RISK” – We are in BUY but making Clients mentally prepared to bear Risk of 150pts on 12 September, three days later, NIFTY did what we expected on 17th September.

Likewise, “We continued saying to be BULLISH” even after Universal Support of 10800 broke.

4). Now we reached to most difficult part, that is – TRUST”

Entry given on 30 August, Exit was on 23rd September 2019

Net Result 600pts Nifty per lot Profit and BankNifty 3100pts Profit per lot basis.

You must have noticed one specific mention about INFY (INFOSYS) both in Starting and Ending Messages of this entire Market Cycle… 27 August 2019 and 23 September 2019

We expect new Market Cycle to start any day during Next week (7 October to 11 October).

Lastly, NIFTY Spot Index made high of 11694.85 – Pillars’ Strategy TGT was 11700.

Closing Remarks:

a). Please note the WhatsApp Message Timings before assuming / concluding anything. 

NSE Market Commentary Timings are – 8:55am & 14:55am

NSE Entry Exit Timings are – 8:55am (Opening Bell for ENTRY), 15:10pm (Closing Bell Exit)

No Official Trade in between, whatsoever the case may be. And, we try to keep ourselves free to attain telephonic queries of clients from 9:30am to 14:30pm.

Anyways, we are always available to clarify your doubts, query over WhatsApp chat.

b). Options, Intraday, Long Term Cash Investment is neither our core nor the speciality.

c). Abnormal Volatility is to be bear with. Nothing can be done in this Specific case.

d). We are giving only WhatsApp Service. And, as usual, all above screen shots are of Paying Clients’ broadcast.

e). All our Entry, Exit and Stop-Losses are on Cash (Spot Index) Closing Basis. We are not watching Future Price, therefore least bother about discount / Premium.

f). Pillars’ Strategy limited to Rocket Trades because it is in-house developed with entire new set of Indicators and working theories & principles.

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