Nifty: Panic Rise from 10000 to 11000 levels was captured by our Rocket Pillars Strategy… (Part 1)

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Market’s Nature: Just like a our life moves from Day to Night and again to Day, in the same way a Traders’ life is also moves from Bullish Trading Positions to Bearish Sentiments and again back to Bullish situation. Cycle keeps on repeating without fail.

Rocket’s Nature: At the same time, NO Analyst can effort missing-on opportunities but it does not mean to over-shoot one’s trading limitations. Because, Survival in Market is more important then One day Wonder Hit. Trading is not a Lottery &/or Gambling.

And, That s exactly How Rocket Trades’ works for it’s Clients be Free Trial or the Paid Client.

Therefore, Patience for exact Trading Levels and timely action upon them is all what we required to be successful in derivatives. And this keep-on repeating day in day out and from one trading instruments to another.

Example: All were Bullish in MCX Crude at 5700 levels during September 2018, overly aggressive Traders & Analysts even started Selling thoughts like Nymex Curde will hit 100 Dollar mark very soon but by End of October every thing was proven wrong by Market.

Likewise, Very few were Bullish on Nifty by End of OCTOBER 2018 and this write-up is all about that,

“Follow-Up ONE: Just to keep Clients in loop about Up-coming Bottom in Nifty”

No One makes Profits from History otherwise all Rich People would be Librarians – Warren Buffet.

How precisely Pillars’ Strategy had foreseen Nifty’s up-coming Bottom both levels & Time wise. Successful Traders are aware of importance of an Early Information and values the most if it 20 days in advance.

Believing both above Screen Shots were way too difficult during October 2018 but what about January 2019 ?

Then, Circumstance was culprit and now Nifty Chart is a known fact but sadly history.


“Follow-Up TWO: Just to keep Clients in loop about Up-coming Bottom in Nifty”

Above Screen Shots proves the point that what 10 days back Pillars’ Strategy had foreseen is validated by Market on 19 OCTOBER. And on 26 OCTOBER Nifty did bottom exactly at the given levels of 10000. Whereas, Many TV & Contemporary Analysts were targeting 9500 & lower levels.

On 26 OCTOBER Nifty had closed at 10030, Answer Yourself How difficult it was to BUY Nifty with 30pts SL… for minimum Target of 10800.

Getting a comforting answer then was way too difficult but now everyone is comfortable buying Nifty with that 30pts SL, isnt it ?


Anyway, we followed our Disciplined Path and initiated BUY Trades for Paid Clients:


Disclaimers & Disclosures:

1). All above Screen Shots are of 2018 Paid Clients. Messages are sent to all Clients via WhatsApp Broadcast.

2). Above Article or any other write-up/s on both in past and future are not for creating impression that Pillars’ Strategy can’t give Losses. We had our fair share of losses, too.

3). Pillars’ Strategy is purely Research, Analysis and Number Crunching  driven. We neither believes in Insider News nor wants it in any way. That’s why we ask Clients to have Capital, Patience and willingness to bear losses for greater Profits. Treat this as Side-Business.

4). All Entry Exits are given only over WhatsApp and at Closing Time (NSE 3:10pm / MCX 11:40pm) to maintain Professionalism and Transparency at the highest level possible.


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