NIFTY – Going Towards All Time High of 11800 ?

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Please have a look of Nifty50 Daily Chart before proceeding further, last updated 21 Jan 2019

Professional Traders: there is nothing much for them in the above chart, but for Amateur Traders there are many things to notice especially how Market moves symmetrically.

Above chart is of January 2018 to January 2019 Period – 12 Months. Important Points are marked with the help of Drawing tools.

Now, please understand the above Charts’ Back-Ground starting from Left Hand Side Circle:

That was of January 2018 – Nifty made (that time’s) all Time High at 11171.55

Then Budget of 2018-2019 was presented by FM on 1st February 2018 and re-introduced long term Capital gain tax, Nifty corrected from all time high of 11171.55 levels and found support at 9970 levels. THEN we initiated BUY around 10180 in April Futures.

Similarly, NIFTY fell from lifetime high of 11760.20 in month of September and made bottom at 10004 in last week of October 2018, Thereafter in November we informed buy at 10280 NIFTY Futures to our paid clients. Please visit following URL for more details,


Attached below are WhatsApp Screen Shot to confirm the same. (Paid Clients Broadcast)

YES that was the Market bottom. Pillars’ Strategy had captured that precisely. That’s why – ROCKET SUPPORT LINE were drawn at the respective Market Bottoms.

Now, Contemporary Charts & Technical Analysts will also confirm the same – But, Is it helpful to even a single trader, at current levels of 10900… 

After Buying at both above occasions – Market found Resistance in range of 10800 to 11000 (for us that’s consolidation zone).

And on top of that, Nifty spend near about same number of days & behaved exactly in both highlighted channels as shown in above Price chart.

  • MARCH 2018  – Bottom Consolidation was of 41 – 42 working Days
  • OCTOBER 2018 – Bottom Consolidations was of 35 – 36 working Days – and still on.

There were many more common things, like

  • There were Important State Elections where BJP could not win convincingly.
  • In both above occasions Nifty broke below important support of 10500.
  • Global headwinds, Issues. On Domestic Front Unexpected new flows. 

But, at the end nothing was proven so strong enough to Shake Market Forces which were clearly inclined towards Bulls. At the maximum Market did spend time by doing nothing.

Check Nifty50 Daily Chart of 12 months once again to understand the depth of Market.

Hope YOU noticed that, Up until now Market had shown us symmetrical Moves, is it not ?



Now, What next – hopefully there should be clear Break-Out above 11200… If not then Paid Clients will be informed to Book Profits from currently holding Buy Positions and even we may advise them to go short sell, too.

Secondly, we expect Budget 2019 – 2020 must generate all together different kind of Market response then of February 2018.

And, in all probabilities May – June 2019 General Elections should be game changer in terms of Price Stability”.

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Disclaimers & Disclosures:

1). We were precisely knowing about Upcoming Market Top in range of 11500 to 12000 that to be one month in advance (July 2018 itself), And COMMUNICATED to Clients, too. 

Precisely, Market did so by making high of 11760.20 in last week of August 2018 but even then could not able to en cash that Market Correction (crash for fellow Analysts).

Please do refer attached URL & WhatsApp Images of Paid Client Broadcast for more details:

Thursday. 13 September 2018 was “Ganesh Chaturthi” therefore Holiday. And on Friday 14 September Nifty gave closing above 11500 at 11515.20 levels.

That made us fool. Instead of giving Short Sell (as decided 3 days back) and we end-up giving BUY. Therefore unknowingly committed a very Big Mistake.

We takes our Market learning very seriously therefore able to do improvisation with every passing day. Which means Chances of going right with Rocket Pillars Strategy is far more than Contemporary Charts & Indicators.

Capital & Patience to Take tough decisions is all required for Successful Trading.

Rest is your choices & preference. Because, you are the Boss.