Nifty will hold 11200, Next Target 11500 to 12000

Greetings !

At first glance, believing article headline looks difficult but that’s what Nifty Pillars are all about.

But, this is not first time certainly not in 2018. Just check Nifty chart & data from 2 January to 23 January 2018; every single level was all time high, back then.

On Friday (27 July) Nifty closed at all time high at 11278 but lead by Selected Stocks only, that to be in absence of any positive news flow either from Globally or domestically.

And Buying at this level takes lot of guts and risk bearing capacity for even higher Targets given all the negativity & instability surrounding us, day in day out.

Avoid Short Selling at higher levels. Rather be willing to buy on weaknesses.

Better to Wait for Shocking & Shocked Bullish Stages to get over first.

As of now Just first Stage (Shock) is over. Still two more to go.



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