Market does not move only on Publicised Event !

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Market Participates get wobbly (panic) whenever Nifty approaches much publicised events like General Budget, Elections – General & Assembly &/or Global Events like we are going to see during March 2019 related to Trump Trade War & BREXIT or we already did see on previous occasions like IRAN Sanctions’ (Even people started talking about World War – III) impact on Crude, Gold.

Now answer yourself, what happened after each of above events – Practically NOTHING.

Because, Nifty Bulls has not gone anywhere, even after all disappointments & unexpected outcome from one & all events (BJP losing all States gone to Poll during 2019 & RBI Governor’s shocked Resignation).

Whereas, there was no Publicised Events during September October 2018 but we saw Nifty falling 1800pts, and YESBANK, DHFL on unverified news-flow & rumours. However, One can argue who lead the fall, back then.

But point must be agreed that “Market does not move only on Publicised Event”.

You, as a trader, is requested to give above statement it’s due time, energy, focus.


Rocket Pillars’ Advise: Trade only at a Proper Level and then wait patiently for Markets to gives favourable movements in your direction by ignoring all intraday volatility.

Below are two examples which happened exactly 12 Months back (last Year January 2018 just before General Budget) will help you understand about our working style.

First: Believing in 11000 on 9th January was next to impossible, because, Pillars’ Strategy was forecasting all time high (11000) above that time’s all time high (10600). But that happened.


Second: 10 Days Advance Alert for Nifty Buy Support Level and Short Sell with date, level


What happened after 2nd February 2018 is well documented. Above Screen Shots are of Paid Clients. All Entry Exits are only at respective closing times (3:10pm NSE & 11:140pm for MCX) over WhatsApp to maintain Proper Records & required transparency.

Rocket Motto: We need less number of Open Positions which are relatively safe given all Market conditions. Because, volatility always will be there, therefore needs to bear with.

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1). We had our fair share of disappointments too but those were not off-track, rather recoverable.

2). Rocket Pillars’ Strategy is getting refined with every passing day. That’s making us even more selective in our Trading Calls.