Rocket Pillars’ Strategy & Market Commentary: Zinc, Crude, Nifty (Part One)

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Retail Traders’ most difficult task is nothing but to Identify, Choosing and Selecting a genuine Advisory. Especially, in the current context of so much conflicting information, news flow, views & market opinions doing the rounds, that to be so frequently.

For Example: Stock moves unfavourable in-spite of having favourable news flow (like Annual, Quarterly Result, long over due change in Management ‘or Govt Policies, etc).

Crude Prices moves in Opposite direction in-spite of supporting inventory or favourable OPEC Commentary or US Data Points, prevailing Geo-Political Tension across the world, etc…

And our favourite Example: Recall that Nifty did not had any negative news flow during September October 2018 period but still Market had fallen one way, non-stop 1800pts.

When actual news were known (RBI Governor Resigned, BJP losing Rajasthan, MP)

Instead of falling more, Nifty made sustainable, Important low of around 10300 and now trading near 11000. Naturally, we all should be surprised by this sort of Market behaviour !

With few of above Examples it is clear that “Bhav Bhagwan Che”, (Price is God). respect the price Ignore the Rest is the best advise an advisory can give to it’s base clients !


Therefore, in above Market context and conditions – Questions like, What to BUY (or Short Sell); at what Price, at what time. Where to keep Target (&/or StopLoss) assumes paramount importance in the thoughts of a regular (professional) trader.

Worst is above questions never had an easy, clear cut answer all the time; there can’t be any.

Because, Trading is so much dynamic, always evolving. Over time One needs to get adjusted oneself. All in all No one can help another. everyone has to flight own battle. But, here is an option, work around from Rocket’s Pillar Strategy: And, this write-up is all about that…

We call that “Market Commentary”: the entire purpose is to offer you with best possible trading choice / option. You can either choose to act or ignore at the best. But humbly requesting never ever go against our officially disclosed view.

Because, Rocket’s Market Commentary is 80% Confirmed

Official Call 100% (or just Tab below it) is confirmed

Working Motto: We don’t prefer to give Message / Update if anything is less than 80%. Better off to sit idle then to incur losses for Clients. That’s it. Nothing More Nothing Less.

Please don’t assume that we can’t go wrong in our market analysis (view) but meant only that Profit is bound to come over time but only with patience, disciplined approach.


Below are Few of live examples of last 3 months – October to December 2018

MCX ZINC OCTOBER: Entry was on 28 September, after 20 days Exit was advised with 14pts Profit on 18 OCTOBER. We gave Exit from ZINC because Copper (Base Metals) came in Short Sell.

Entry Timing was Afternoon because of Expiry Rollover & Exit was Standard at 11:10pm


MCX ZINC JANUARY 2019: Originally, we were Bearish on ZINC therefore Short Sell Trade Entry was on 8 January, next day prices gap-down, getting more than 4pts Profit also.

But, had to give Exit on 11 January at 11:40pm (standard time) cost to cost because ZINC was turning bullish which was updated as market commentary.

On 18 January 2019 closed above 185, advised Exit also. Booked profit of 9pts…



Believing in final Bottom or Buying especially in strongly falling Markets like what we saw happening in Nifty Sept & Crude October is/was very difficult.

Clients (includes Paid, DeActive, Trials) were informed about Nifty’s up coming Directional change with SL during Market hours of Friday 26 October 2018 itself.

And just to boost their confidence, on Saturday they were reminded off of March 2018’s target of 9970. So that, they shouldn’t miss the next leg-up &/or money making opportunity.


Likewise, MCX CRUDE, DOWJONES on 22 December 2018: No One was willing to BUY at their respective market bottoms or at Rocket Pillars’ advised levels. Rather, now many traders are thinking or already went long after missing on 30% & 10% from their respective lows.

At this point we can only say – All the Best !!


Conclusion: You need Strong Levels to be Successful and those may come either in form of Market Commentary or Official Call. All you need to do is to wait for them. Act-on or Ignore – no problem; but going against is not advisable, at-all.


Thanks for Reading.

Team Rocket


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Disclaimers & Disclosures:

1). We don’t advise for Catching the falling knife or Riding the Momentum waves rather Trading with proper SL. Hedging & Averaging is good strategy and can be used with Market Commentary levels to minimised losses &/or maximised Profits from the trapped positions.

2). Trading is not gambling or going for one day wonder hit should be avoided at all cost. This is pure business where you need to have both capital and willingness to take strong decisions. Waiting Patiently for right Entry (exit) is also a tough decision.

3). We had our fair share of Market losses, disappointments, frustrations but going successful in terms of positive returns (or staying with minimised losses) with Pillars’ Strategy & Trading levels are far more then with contemporary Charts, Indicators. That’s the Point.

Trading Intraday, Options or Over-Trading is Strictly Prohibited. Cash Investments are only for Investors. And, We prefer to advise Traders who are sufficiently capitalised.