Be Alert, either Nifty is towards 8300 or 9800+

Presently, we are cautiously optimistic & remain buyers.

However, at the same time we are keeping our mind wide open for new down trend which would starts from unexpected Nifty level & on the time when it least expected.

Only, because, as of now, every “Public” market player is waiting for that down trend / corrections.

Whereas, Private Players has capacity to keep making fresh highs one after another, and according to us, they would stop only when Public Players stops doubting and starts expect this to continue forever.

Old hands would remember 2014-2015 period when Nifty moved from 6000 to 9000 non-stop without any meaningful correction.



There are only two groups, based on Risk capital’s availability, namely

~ Private (Promoters, Industry Insiders, HNI)

~ Public (Mutual Funds, Insurance Companies, Foreign Individuals)


Our market Participates’ Segmentation is based on Capitalism.

Privates Players are maker of primary Trend, and always first to BUY or Short Sell for that matter.

Public players are always late because of obvious reasons therefore part of secondary trend.



However, Research Analysts are referred as either Fundamentalist or Technicians and some are on both parameters. And that’s nothing to be with Public and Private participates or/& capitalist.



Our proprietary analysis system involves around Private players activities.

Many times, we are damn right about Market bottom or top. And,

Of course, on few occasions we get trapped, too.

However, rest assured; we are trying to improvise on constant basis.

That’s why, many a times, our clients get surprised with our sudden change of market stance.

Be Ready, New Trend is just around the corner… but until then remain bullish !