Stock Market Positive Returns comes from Uncertainty & Irregularities!

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Every Trader or Trading Position for that matter is subject to Market losses. And it is only because of Zero-Sum Theory which is the core of Stock Market working.

First the Technical Definition / Explanation of “ZEROSUM”:

In game theory and economic theory, a zero-sum game is a mathematical representation of a situation in which each participant’s gain or loss of utility is exactly balanced by the losses or gains of the utility of the other participants.

Now, Simple Explanation / Definition of “ZEROSUM”:

Your loss is another Trader’s Profit and Your Profit is other Traders’ Loss.

On top of that, Irrespective of whatever you do, for example; even none of below mentioned permutation and combination could give you guarantee (in any form) against future date Market losses; though we don’t wish for losses for anyone.

Please do not take anything on Face value rather test it yourself, here comes the choices,

~ Choose any Trading Instruments being Options, Cash, Futures or any mixture of these

~ Do Trading in any Time Frame (like Intraday, Short Term, Long Term)

~ First Timer or a Trader who had seen many up & down Market cycles

~ Availability of Trading Capital (Enough or More than enough)

~ Trading based on Self Analysis or act on advice by Professional Experts

~ Follow any Analysis methodology like Technical, Fundamental, Astrology, Sentimental

~ Any Event, Election Result/s, News, Announcements,etc; Both Global & Domestic

There is only one sure way of avoiding Market losses AND that is to STOP TRADING!

But, by chance if you feel that leaving Stock Market Trading is no option then Rocket Trades is pleased to offer you complete Trading Strategy with 100% transparency. But, that requires 3lac plus Cash Trading Capital and Patience with Positive Mind-Sets.

We believe in NIFTY Pillars Strategy which covers Nifty Internals (Nifty50 Stocks) to initiate Entry and to identify Stop-Loss, and GOLD, HANGSENG, USDINR used as an overall prevailing trend confirming tools.

Our final conclusion is present before clients in simple & actionable words so that they can follow given Market view and Trading levels, thereof without having any doubt.

Following Screen Shots Content the details about existing open Index Positions,

Above Trading position was recommended to Paid Clients as well as to Trial Numbers at the same time / day / trading levels. No Change, No delays. Only difference is that WhatsApp screen shot is showing December Futures whereas attached Nifty Chart is of Spot Index.

AS on Friday Closing (8 December 2017), running in Profit of 150pts each in Nifty and BankNifty per lot basis. However, things were not so positive on 6th December Closing.

Click on Following URL to understand the same in great details –

Rocket Trades doesn’t believe in Intraday Equity Trading. We are giving Trading Entry only after 3:10pm on any given working day with complete Information about SL & TGT.

Most Importantly, according to us, Trading in Futures’ Segment is highly beneficially among all available choices because of Convenience in Entry Exit, Roll-Over Facility, Reasonable Margin, benefits from the broker, etc.


The Wrong Approach:

In the pursuit of guaranteed profit mind-set against previously incurred losses, Now-a-days, a potential client wants Trial for Trial Calls and by doing this they thinks that by adding this extra layer in selection Process of an advisory is a sure way of protection against FUTURE Date Market losses. No, it is not.

Rather, in our opinion the right approach would be, first identify and understand the exact reason/s of earlier booked losses then learn from those past mistakes to avoid / minimise future date losses, if any.

A Trader must treat Stock Market Trading as a Business where months on month “Positive Returns” and “uncertainty & irregularities” are two sides of the same coin.

Accept Uncertainty & Irregularities to get Positive Returns. That’s the Right Approach!

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