Nifty Strategy before, after Gujarat Election Results

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Simple Conclusion:

Nifty movements could still happen “either side” even BJP wins or Losses Gujarat Election. Because, at present, No one can say with 100% surety that,

~ NIFTY will rise to Fresh High of 10500 & beyond provided BJP wins

~ Nifty will fall and Down Trend would start provided BJP losses in Gujarat …

In simple words, Gujarat Election is an event whose actual impact on Market movements are unknown, or would be known only on Monday, 18 December 2017 at closing.

Before that everything else is a speculation, including the Exit Polls. Past Experiences are suggesting so, example as follows,

Please Recall date: November 8, 2016 Event: USA Presidency Election and forecast before hand for American Stock Market and World Markets, .

All TV commentaries was biased towards Hillary Clinton’s winning and losing was no option (rather, completely ruled out). And If Trump wins then 20% fall was sure shot bet those days.

And, what had happened ?

On 9 November 2016 – Dow Futures minus 1000 points at NSE / BSE opening time and when Dow Jones closed for the day – It turned out be a positive Day.

This is not an exceptional, You are requested to Recall the impact of BREXIT also.


Trading View & Strategy for Nifty:

UP election outcome was surprisingly Positive for BJP and market has rewarded too with 1500pts rally in Nifty (from below 9000 to above 10500) but please note that it did not happened overnight, it took 9 months.

Secondly, For Nifty it was not one-sided price appreciation from March 2017 to til date. Lots of bad news, price & time corrections also had happened in between.

And If Gujarat Election outcome is surprisingly negative for BJP then what,

Then, we should be well prepared for two possibilities,

First: Market hit Target without hitting Stop-Loss therefore we book profits

Second: Market gives drastic & sudden fall & hit Stop-Loss. Book Losses.

In either of the two cases, upon closure of existing open positions in Nifty & BankNifty, we have to look for Fresh Trade Entry with new SL & Target. Trading will continue!


All in all, Market will continue to move from One event to another:

After 18 December focus will shift back to Budget preparations & formulation for financial year 2018-2019 and various Government Policies along-with execution abilities for rest of the term before general election due in early 2019.

Agrees, that Event Risks deserves proper treatment. But agree this also that Market does not need a specific event outcome only to give trend reversal. Market may continue with current trend also provided bad outcome is one of case.


Trend Reversals need series of bad or positive outcome one after another:

Nifty can still hit BUY Stop-Loss, even though, BJP wins Gujarat Election with clean Sweep.


Nifty can still hit New high, even though, BJP losses Gujarat Election.

In either of the cases, we need to decide about next Market Direction with Fresh Entry Set-up.

Secondly, Geo-political Tensions and Election Outcomes does not reverse the Market Trend. At the best they can give sudden, deep corrections and create panic in overall bullish set-up.


If everyone bullish on Market then who will Short Sell ?

Confusions created by Fake or incomplete News-flow, Opinions and Speculative views are integral part of Trading Markets and it is necessity also to maintain trading liquidity and price volatility in Markets.

Because of that, ROCKET is focusing only on Market internals (Nifty50 Stocks buying selling pressure and confirming tools like GOLD, USDINR, HANGSENG)


Our Analysis model is suggesting for BUY. Therefore, you are requested to Hold Positions with Stop-loss but exit is Subject to confirmation.

Secondly, we are not treating this as holy grail and nor it our over-confidence, that’s why sharing proper Stop-loss at the time of trade entry itself and then doing required adjustments in SL depending upon prevailing Market conditions. Which means,

ROCKET is neither,

~ biased (which means gives both BUY & Short Sell but depending upon Market internals)


~ believer in aggressive trading. Trade with enough Capital (both amount & time wise)

In Short, We give complete trading view & precise execution levels with clear cut follow-ups with best of our ability and in good faith.


Final Conclusion:

Price fluctuations are indicative of lively Markets. Who wants to trade boring Market ?

Trading Risks are always there. Therefore, maintain Stop-Loss and Relax. Even Better, If doing trading within limits because Over Trading may not be beneficial at all times.

Events Risk are difficult to forecast and Events will keep coming one after another.

Rest Assured, ROCKET exit will also be delivered on your smart phone with complete details and follow-ups, irrespective of anything and everything.

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