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Financials Trading markets are divided into four parts, rather pillars and they are,

FOREX – Currency Trading makes or Break Country’s fortune and mainly controlled by Respective Central Bankers on behalf of National Governments, anyone who is active in Stock Market long enough is aware of words like Dollar Index, Currency Carry Trade, etc.

Currency Devaluations is used to impact country specific exports, therefore effecting world Trade & fiscal deficit of other country. Whereas, Currency Appreciation is used to impact Capital Investments & long term Infrastructure Spending.

In other words, neither Currency Devaluations nor Appreciation is good or bad for Country Finances per-se. Rather, mere tools to achieve elected governments policy initiatives and long term goals but that does effect short term price movements in Stock Market.

Conclusion: Too much Devaluations or Appreciations especially in short term is very negative. FOREX effects everything else like BONDS, COMMODITY & STOCKS.

BONDS – After Forex the second most important financial pillar is nothing but Bonds. Investopedia defines bonds as a fixed income investment in which an investor loans money to an entity (typically corporate or governmental) which borrows the funds for a defined period of time at a variable or fixed interest rate. Bonds are used by companies, municipalities, states and sovereign governments to raise money and finance a variety of projects and activities. Owners of bonds are debt-holders, or creditors, of the issuer.

Rising Yields means Cost of borrowing is increasing therefore inflation but it also means rising willingness to invest therefore overall Growth expectations for the economy, too.

Falling Yields are negative for Investor and risk deflation for economy but very good for borrower. However,  Every economist will say that Economy does need investments for growth to show-up with time and that’s the crux of Quantitative Easing, without saying.

Conclusion: We need falling Yields for Investments. Falling Yields also means rising Bond Prices is positive for Bonds’ Investors just like rising Stocks Price for a Shareholders.

COMMODITY & STOCKS – are third and fourth pillars, respectively. That’s where ROCKET Trades comes in picture and our updates come in handy for You, the Trader !

Left Screen Shot was updated on “Wednesday” and Right Screen Shot on “Saturday”.


First Screen Shot was Updated to paid Clients on “Monday”, Second was on “Tuesday” and last was on FnO Expiry Date, that is “Thursday 28 December 2017” 


Finally, patience pays-off. We finally got Trade entry after all updates and Follow – ups. Left Screen Shot is for “Nifty” Entry & was updated on Friday and Right Screen Shot is for “GOLD”.


WE believes in Quality, Limited, just on time Updates rather advance alert.

Above Trading position was recommended to Paid Clients as well as to Trial Numbers at the same time / day / trading levels and during Market hours. No Change, No delays.

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