Market gives & takes back, Whats’ Your choice ?

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Trading in Stock Market is ZeroSum Game which means Your Profit is someone’s Loss or your current (booked or Mark to margin) losses are someone’s Profit.

In other words, Stock Market is a machine which rotates Capital from one Participants to another. Therefore, Our choice is to be on Side when Market is willingly in mood of giving and should be on side-line when it is in Mood of taking back.

If you are in Stock Market for LONG – TERM because we are. Then first / basic Idea is to Protect the Trading Capital, however the short coming of conservative trading is that we need to either book minor but unnecessary losses or/and sacrifice Profits at later date.

Which means that, ROCKET Trades is more interested in giving Timely Exit to Clients when Nifty is giving Confusing / conflicting signals especially at current high valuations.

This is prudent over playing Target and/or Stop-Loss Game just to satisfy Individual egos.

Sometimes, that turns out to be early or false exit and therefore

~ Resulting in Unnecessary Losses; Example – NBCC, NIFTY JAN, BANKNIFTY JAN

~ Resulting in Missing Profits – ASIANPAINT, NCC, NIFTY OCTOBER, & ULTRACEMCO

No Heart Burns:

Because, rest assured, Market would give you much better opportunity and Trending Positions at later stage, You just need to be alert & willing to take that new positions.

It pays to wait for Positions like IDFCBANK

And Please do remember that one wrong Entry or exit or both will break your Trading spirit with wide margin. Worst part is that healing takes long-long time. We learnt this simple statement from THREE wrong entries namely ARVIND, RECLTD, BANKNIFTY OCTOBER.

However, course correction and final EXIT was much better in all of above.


All in all, Be ready / prepare to utilise second chance which will be offered by Market (supreme authority) in due course. No need to keep punching trading orders here & there.

Rest, I am leaving to your fine sense of Judgement; what is preferred most out of the following two, namely

~ Conservative Trading Approach


~ Aggressive Trading Approach

Time is decay presently and it will be in future, too. Therefore, make good choice, Take your own time.  No Hurries No Worries !

Closing my write-up by wishing you for Booking Profits by Trading Safely !

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