YES, it is possible to buy at “Bottom” !!

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If past performance is any indication then YES, it is possible to buy at “Bottom”.

We have three live examples in last 21 months where our clients got bottom Entry.

And, the best part is that every bottom gave them all time high closing on weekly time frame, in-spite of all the news related to GDP, RBI, GST, NPA, Political and Geo-Political Tensions both domestic and internationally.

Below is Nifty Spot Index Weekly Time Frame chart attached for easy understanding,


Chart Explanations:

“A” March 2018: Bottom made at 9970 and took 24 weeks to make new High at 11760 levels.

“B” October 2018: Bottom made at 10030, took 32 weeks to make new High at 12103

“C” August 2019: Bottom made at 10637, took 15 weeks to make new High at 12159 levels.


BUY and Forget Plan:

Surplus Cash has to be invested for long term survival and growth. No Choice. No Option.

There are many Instruments like – Education, Property, Fixed Deposits etc where you can do much better Research then us.

However, there is one particular Instrument of Investment where we are very helpful and that is nothing but Stock Market.

And in Stock Market, Buying Price is the only parameter of Success. Whether One is Mutual Fund Unit Holder or Investor in a well diversified Portfolio of Stocks or for that matter Passive Investor in an Exchange Traded Funds.

1 SETFNIF50 Mar-18 Oct-18 Aug-19
2 InvestedValue 1,00,000 1,00,000 1,00,000 3,00,000
3 Entry Price 102 102 111
4 Units Brought 980 980 901
5 ETF CMP 124 124 124
6 Present Value 1,21,569 1,21,569 1,11,712 3,54,849
Return on Capital (in %) 18.28

YES, it is possible to buy at “BOTTOM” !!


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