Market Top – Is it that Simple?? (Part 1)

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Why only 5% traders end up making profits on their deployed capital ?

Simple Answer: because only those 5% people prefer Trend Trading – “Begining to End”.

Rest 95% gets bogged down in lure of making quick money especially explained and Marketed in percentage terms by vested Interests. For Example,

~ YESBANK: From low of 29 to High of 79 in 19 around days –

~ DISHTV: from low of 10.40 to High of 19.50 in 18 days –

~ IDEA: from low of 2.40 to High of 8.15 in 4 working days –

All of them are FnO Stocks. NSE Cash Prices are being mentioned here.

There are many examples, like Nifty Options, Intraday gains without Capital, etc.

Nothing wrong in any of above except the identification and application of Stop-Loss. And exactly here those 95% Traders test failure because of Lack of flexibility in terms of Market Volatility, Market’s prevailing Trend

Whereas, Trend Trading is relative safe. Losses happen there too but still some leeway possible.

This article is covering only – “BEGINING (Entry)” approach at Rocket Trades

In Second Part we will explain, discuss and show you END (Exit) Approach.

First Chart: NIFTY50 Short Term, Candle Stick Daily Time Frame 

Nifty Daiily Chart to analyse Short Term Trend

AB = CD is a Trend Reversal Pattern: Nifty had fullfill all the necessary conditions to justify pattern formations. Buy were advised at Point A & C, respectively.

Second Chart: NIFTY50 Long Term, P&F Daily Time Frame, 50pts

Nifty Point & Figure Chart to Analyse Long Term Trend

TREND LINE was broken during July 2019 fall. Thereafter, Nifty did consolidation and in that process try to break below Pillars’ Strategy Support of 10800 many times but then couldn’t. Three Times NIFTY50 had closed below 10800 convincingly but we never advised Exit from Long Positions…

And Finally when advised Exit at Point B (please do refer first chart) ended with 170000 Profit on one Lot Nifty (75qty) and 2 lots of BankNifty (40qty) futures.


At present everything including Pillars’ Strategy indicating weakness. But, Only thing, it is becoming too obvious. Therefore, we are taking extra precautions.

Both attached Charts are of Nifty Spot Index. Same Date, Same Levels, only difference is the presentation and analysis used to draw the final conclusion. Last updated 21 November 2019.

This is “NOT” the final Confirmation to trade. Just for awareness AND knowledge.

Actual Entry will be updated soon. Till then, please do Stick to 14 November advised Trading Range on Nifty over WhatsApp.


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