January 2020: “SIX Stock Futures” advised, all were Short Selling, that to be from NIFTY50 pack, only !!

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NIFTY50 was largely flat between 12000 to 12300 levels during January 2020 in spite of having so many big events, news flow could change world forever during the month. Recap,

~ America Iran Tension on Sulemani

~ America China Phase One Deal Signing

~ Budget 2020 – Rumours among preparations

Quarter three Corporate Results Announcements, and

Last but not the least BREXIT, Coronavirus outbreak and their subsequent impact on World economic. All these were global Issues and any one’s guess.

However, all were handled with care and maturity by both sides (at-least for the time being) otherwise things were so wide spread, flammable that situations could go out of hand in no time.

AND what we saw yesterday happening in Nifty BankNifty and Stocks after Budget 2020 was nothing but possible discounting of Chinese Market Opening after long break amid lunar new year celebration

How Pillars’ Strategy handled January 2020 ‼️

Limited number of calls with Systematic & Scientific Entry and Disciplined EXIT. That is our motto which we do practice every now & then. And, this motto help us in both surviving and prospering during uncertain market conditions.

Disclosure: Pillars’ Strategy is work in progress. Therefore, improving (almost) on daily basis. And, this was evidently proven in our January 2020 performance,

Attaching all WhatsApp Entry Screen Shots of January, check their date & time, cross verify with price Charts and weight them along with that times’ prevailing market sentiments…

Then, only you would understand the true potential of Pillars’ Strategy for rest of 2020.

HDFCBANK – seen One-sided Profit. Easy Trend Reversal.

DLF – Initially, saw near about 40000/- Profit per lot basis but then we had to book losses.

INDUSINDBK – Either ways our view was clearly Bearish. Still, missed Entry by 20pts.

NMDC – Likewise, missed NMDC Entry by 20paisa. And then Volatility was way high to handle.

TATAMOTORS – Because of missed Entry in back to back two calls like INDUSINDBK and NMDC we took aggressive Entry in TATAMOTORS by breaking exclusive round figure “Stop-Loss” rule at Rocket Trades. Anyways, got cost to cost Exit after seeing 15pts loss on 4300 lot size.

TATASTEEL – Seen one-sided Profit. Easy Trend Reversal.

APOLLOTYRESeen one-sided Profit. Easy Trend Reversal. 

ITC Seen one-sided Profit. Easy Trend Reversal. 

Thinking, Recalling is a Hard work in which no one’s interested…

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