February 2020: Navigated living minefield with flying colors therefore 100% Success achieved !!

Greetings !!

Nowadays, Trading has become a matter of “FINANCIAL” Life and Death.

DOWJONES: on 12 February 2020 recorded All Time High at 29568.57,

AND, seen Low of 24,681.01 on 28 February 2020, which means,

4887.56pts fall from all time High to 52 week’s Low in flat 12 working days.

At the same time, our beloved “NIFTY50 Index” was not far behind. Naturally.

High 12246.70 on 14 February whereas Low was on 11175.05 28 February 2020

Likewise, Crude, Gold, Individual Stock Futures and what not… AND, this is just Starting.

Believe or Not – Over Time this sort of Price Volatility would increase, even more. In other words, Records are meant to be broken or What we experienced / seen / gone through, up until now, is just the tip of the iceberg called “Price Volatility”

There lies the Opportunity for Rocket Trades, and exactly this write-up is detailing the same.

February 2020 Live Performance

First Call of the Month: BUY Nifty BankNifty February Futures

First full fledge Union Budget of Modi 2.0 was presented by FM Nirmala Sitharaman on Saturday. That day Stock Market and MCX were opened with normal (regular timings). We initiated buy in Index but only 50%… at 11920 and 30600 February Futures levels, respectively.

By closing, we were in loss of near about 265pts in NIFTY and 725pts in BankNifty.

We were supposed to do average with 11500 SL but couldn’t get the desired levels, therefore average did not happen. And on 5 February (exactly on 3rd day) our pattern suggested to exit from the trade at 11970 and 30600 respectively.

Recovered near about 35000 MTM Loss because of Systematic and Disciplined Exit rules designed and developed in-house by named Pillars’ Strategy.

Second Call of the Month: Buy HDFCBANK March Futures

Notice the gap – After 1st February we advised our Second Call only on 18 February. That is exactly 17 days of inactivity, maintained 100% Cash balance during the period. Most Importantly during this period Nifty (markets in general) were trading narrow.

This demonstrate Pillars’ Strategy’s Scientific Call Selection approach.

At present, HDFCBANK is Open & running in Loss of near about 20000/- per lot basis. This after withstanding near about 1000pts Fall in Nifty and 1400pts in BankNifty.

Third & Last Call of the Month: Short Sell HCLTECH and INFY March Futures

HCLTECH was missed Execution by just 2.5pts. Made High at 613.50 whereas our Entry was sitting above 616. There was no second chance. Resulting in missed opportunity of near about Rs.1,00,000 plus profit per lot basis.

We assure you that Over the period of time, would improvise in this part of operations, too.

However, INFY did give us multiple entry and even higher than the recommended price. Every Client at Rocket Trades got minimum INR 82,000+ Profit per lot basis, lucky few got INR91,000+, too.

Closing Remarks:

1). This write-up will be updated / edited once more and only upon closure of HDFCBANK. Which is Open and Carry Forwarded at present.

2). All the Calls, Entry, Exit, Updated were given at 8:55am and 3:10pm, only. And Exclusively only on WhatsApp to maintain the highest standard of advisory governance in form of Transparency and clarity. And you must have,

Active, Valid Rocket Subscription, Basic Internet & our number saved in your phone device.

3). We don’t have any other active Social Media Presence. NO Twitter, NO Facebook, NO 
Linkedin, NO Instagram, NO Telegram, etc, just to list out a few.

4). Only, Four Mediums to Contact us (Nilesh Jain) even during the Market hours, are

First: Phone Number – +91 9900330558

Second: WhatsApp – +91 9900330558

Third: E-Mail – Rocket@RocketTrades.com

Fourth: Website: http://www.RocketTrades.com

5). We don’t advise or recommend Intraday (both Cash and Futures), Options (both Intraday and Positional), Penny Stocks and Long Term Investments. However, NIFTYETF is advised but only at respective Market Bottoms, as we believe NIFTY heading towards 23000+ by 2030 at the maximum.

6). Strictly, NO Over-Trading. Trade with own Capital and with what you can bear with.

Thanks for Reading.

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