Minus Points of the Pillars’ Strategy ‼️

Greetings !!


Stock Market Trading is a Zero Sum Game. In other words either You win all or You loss all.

One incurred losses only when one decides to Sell something worth 100 at 50 because of the Imbalances created by the

1). Subjective assessments of various Events, Statements, Press Conferences,

2). Confusion created by unlimited “Data Points”, like IIP, GDP, Results, etc

3). All those floating Rumours, Conspiracy Theories

Because of all of above various conflicting Views, Opinions, Logic gets formed and make Investor / Trader to Sell or Buy without implying any kind of common sense.


Are you willing to Sell something worth ₹100 at 150 levels !?

If your answer is “YES” then congratulations; as Pillars’ Strategy is exactly doing the same.

Even, We can’t Track & Comprehend all the News flow, Data Points, Events’ Outcome therefore their net effect on the trading prices but we strongly believe in the age old saying that, “Bhav Bhagwan che” OR “Prices are Discounted”.


(👆)  BUT, if your answer is “NO” then you must read rest of the write up. As, We have come up with Five Best Reasons with extra bonus point to justify one’s decision of not following Pillars’ Strategy’s Trading Call, Market View, Opinion.


1st Minus Point). Unsatisfactory Rate of Return:

Comparison between Rocket Trades and Ingenuity of the tele-callers.

First: Only Intraday and Options. Monthly Profit of 100% to 1000% without any losses. Open for all. One can start with even ₹50,000/- Capital or less. Multiple Targets.

Bonus Point: No reply after incurring losses and/or No Response upon fee paid.

And then, New Number, New Name, New Scheme but same working Style.

Hopefully, you had not gone through above experience with so called expert advisory.


Second:  At Rocket Trades we expect Annual Profit of 50% to 200% (losses are also possible) Open for traders who can trade, bear, learn and repeat from Market losses, if any. Minimum ₹5,00,000/- capital required.

We contentedly advises to use leverage. As, Over Trading is not our cup of Tea/Coffee.

Rocket Trades don’t do Tele-Calling. Avoids Intraday & Options. One Point Interaction, only.



2nd Minus Point). Pillars’ Strategy Makes Traders Super Lazy:

Since, we do very limited trading so there is a strong chance that one may become lazy.

Whereas, doing Quick Entry Exit and building up Options’ Strategy to account for each & every possible Market moves would keep you always on your toes, glued to Screens (TV, Mobile) therefore keeping you awake at night, above all makes you super busy for your peers, family.

And, If you leave Intraday and Options then definitely you will become lazy like us…



3rd Minus Point). Our working methodology is Dull, Less of Thrill, Excitements:

~ If you enjoy tracking each & every news then Intraday Trading is best thing to do !!

~ If you enjoy sitting in front of TV, Terminal then Intraday Trading is best for you !!

~ If you enjoy Quick Entry Exit then Intraday Trading is best Option for you !!

As, tracking, doing all these and more is so much fun, thrilling and exciting experience.


Sadly, we prefer to miss all the enjoyments by ignoring News, Events, Announcements.

We Stick to Pillars’ Strategy. And, Ours is Single Entry, Single Exit & Single Lot, only.

Order placed, trading related work is done. Trader is free for anything and everything.



4th Minus Point). Opportunity missed to do Interaction with fresh set of Tele-Callers:

Once you start working on the advise of Pillars’ Strategy then you missed the opportunity to do new interaction therefore stop entertaining fresh set of Tele- Callers in order to search for that reliable, dependable advisory you deserved.



5th Minus Point). Hearing bad about Markets, Advisors – Losing Sympathy:

We follow Sequential Messaging Style which means Eyeing Macro Picture with Standard, predefined Timings for Messages via reliable Mode of communications.

~ When, there is no ambiguity in Entry Exit Messages and Jargon Free Market Updates,

~ When, you don’t get promised unbelievable high returns on your NIL Capital,

~ When, there is 100% transparency in all our operations and workings.

All this yield in genuine Advisory work.


Therefore, You don’t hear bad about us in general or per se about Stock Market in particular.

Thereby, Losing Others Sympathy on making “bad decisions” to do Stock Market Trading.



Extra Bonus Minus Point). High Capital Requirements to do Calls:

Treat tradings just like a normal regular Business. Whose prime objective should be to generate stable Income for sustainable long term survival and growth.

Therefore, by that logic,

IF one gets following Returns on his/her Original Capital of 5lac,

Returns @ 50% – 2,50,000 Profit by End of 12 Months

Returns @ 100% – 5,00,000 Profit by End of 12 Months

Returns @ 150% – 7,50,000 Profit by End of 12 Months

Returns @ 200% – 10,00,000 Profit by End of 12 Months

THEN, you must be Super happy. If not then Increase Input to Increase Output.


Best Advise: Look somewhere else if objective is to become Millionaire, Billionaire, or Tillionaire without any Input.

Even Casinos required you to put up Cash on table before placing your bet. Understood !?



Plus Points:

We just don’t adjust Market View, Opinion based on prevailing price movements therefore all our Entry, Exits, and most importantly Stop Loss remains predefined.

However, we do adjusts our Price Targets to maximize Profit.

In simple words, we neither do random Entry nor Exit.

Best Part: You can’t miss Entry, Exit, Updates even if you try to do so because of our Advance Alert working mechanism via WhatsApp.



Closing Comments:

We have to wait for Market to allow us to “BUY” something worth 100 at 50


We are waiting for Market to allow us to “SELL” something worth 100 at 150