“Agni Pariksha”: 9 months’ of NIFTY Futures‼️

NIFTY50 had taken-out FOUR” round figures in last 9 Months; earlier this used to happen in 3 to 7 Years’ time period. First Round Figure was 14000 level which was taken out in January 2021 To now knocking at 18000 levels in September 2021.

Therefore, like many others, we also had that feeling of missing-out from this once-in-life-time Short Selling opportunity at each subsequent new High. For example when Market first taken out 14000 then it looked like GOOD time to Sell, when taken out 15000 then BETTER Time, when taken out 16000, 17000 then BEST Time, but now when trading near 18000 levels…is it right time to sell or still wait???

Reasons were many to go Short Sell like Historical High PE Ratio, Delta Variant, Underperformance of Banking Stocks, China Crack Down on Internet Businesses to Evergrande and many more in between. But, Unlike Others, we didn’t carry away, rather restrained and stick to our discipline.


Similarly, greed of Buying at every dip was always there but we kept that too on side lines “AND” willingly ignore all those NIFTY50 (easy money left-out-feeling) trades at mouth watering levels.

Because our policy is very simple – “NO TRADE WITHOUT STOP-LOSS”.

Therefore, we chose difficult path filled with Patience for ourselves.

We welcome hard hitting Questions…

Question: You might had been afraid, and that is why You had not advise any NIFTY Futures’ Call in last 9 Months. Your job is to give Calls. Give Calls, why justifying your inaction via this Article… 🤔

Answer: You are partly right, partly wrong. Please consider following Points.

  • Agreed. Our Job is to advise Trading Calls. But, not out of compulsion and/or for the sake of it.
  • We had been active in Market for every single day in last 9 months and before that too. We always had Trading positions in Stock Futures and via NIFTY50 Market Commentary, and all that without worrying about prevailing NIFTY levels. Therefore, no question of “FEAR”.
  • We advise trading calls (including NIFTY, BANKNIFTY) with crystal clear Stop-losses, only.

And, that is where we get afraid and therefore no action. Our Primary Reason of Inaction.

Exit strategy is a must as back-up plan in case we are wrong in our Market Assessment.

Hopefully, now it clear before you that why you are partly right and partly wrong.

YES, back then, we were afraid but reasons are different.

Otherwise, Pillars’ Strategy NIFTY Analysis has been 💯% spot-on right, each and every time.

Herewith attaching the proof which nobody can deny as this was shared with all in real time.

By seeing, NIFTY50 image itself you should recall our this May 2021 update.

And, ofcourse Stoploss is clearly mentioned thereof.

Click on Question to read our reply…👆

Patience of Pillars’ Strategy.👇

See attached WhatsApp Screenshot. This is most important Update because of two reasons,

▪️ First: after this update, NIFTY50 had taken out two Round Figures – 16000, 17000 and traded near 18000.

▪️ Second: we neither modify any part thereof nor Added any additional details in last two months. That is Complete Update in one go.

At every major level (round figure), we were knowing exactly what should be done but still we didn’t only because of our SL Policy.

Three Takeaways:

First and Foremost: We choose to play “SAFE“.

We had clearly mentioned that NIFTY50 is expected to be remain Bullish Till September End – that is 55 days, well in advance, explained with precise reason and logic.

Even then did not advise any Trade in NIFTY (BANKNIFTY) Futures.

Why ⁉️

Because, this is all momentum driven. We wanted to initiate Entry only on Correction which didn’t come during all those 55 Days. Taking Entry at Corrections improve Risk Reward Ratio.

Secondly: We wanted to repeat the “PATTERN“.

If suppose there was a correction of 700 to 1500pts even then our preference was Stock Futures. That is why mentioned early block-buster Calls like TATAMOTORS, TATAPOWER in 6th August WhatsApp Screenshot – both were advised on respective Market Corrections only.

TATAMOTORS: on 600pts single day correction in December 2020

TATAPOWER: During April 2021 when NIFTY50 made High @ 15431 in March 2021 and gave near about 1300pts Correction by 3rd Week in April 2021.

Purely because expected Reward is way too high compared to risk we are taking-in. And, as you know rest is the History.

Third and last One: Giving Call without Stop-loss” is not our cup of Tea (Coffee / Drink) or Way of Working at Rocket Trades.

That is why we chose to miss February 2020 Market Top Short Sell and March 2020 Bottom BUY.

You may think if Pillars’ Strategy was so sure about the upcoming Bullish-ness during August September 2021 period then you could have plan for the average at the expected Corrections also.

Whereas, We didn’t because we had no EXIT level in case if we are proven wrong in our Market Assessment. Risk was way higher in this case.

Our Consistency of 9 Months.👇

Only 9 messages in 9 Months exclusivly about NIFTY50. However, No call advised in Indices.

None were advised in Segments like Options, Penny Stocks, Equity and/or Intraday.

Members of 100% Club had traded only in Stock Futures.

Sherlock Holmes: When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.

For us, that impossible is nothing but the Stop-loss.

No SL, No Call – You Know My Methods. 🙏🙂

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