October 2021: Pump & Dump Month ‼️

1st Half of October: Short Sellers got Panic.

Second Half of October: Buyers got Panic.

And, Euphoria was the real culprit.

Before proceeding further, please consider following statement of a former Market Regulator,

‘We don’t regulate euphoria.’

former SEC Chairman Jay Clayton

Market Veterans in October 2021

We have selected only those statements, view, opinion which has direct reference of “IRCTC”.

Three different People, three Different Views on same electronic media platform but commonly about IRCTC Stock in same October month.

  • Mr. Deven R Choksey: TATAPOWER, IRCTC has no reason to be sold-off.
  • Mr. Dipen Mehta: IRCTC has PE Ratio of more than 300 even at current rates.
  • Mr. Manish Gunwani: Quality Stocks are unlikely to give Market Beating Returns.

Today, these 3 gentlemen, later other set of Market Veterans would issue statement about some other Stock.

Now, if people are assuming that Stock Market is a Satta Bazaar (Casino) then what is wrong in that. Or Worst “TRADING IS RANDOM”.

Notice their Statements Dates also – DRC on 19 October, DM on 21 October, MG on 22 October 2021. By then all the damage was done.

Why we are concerned because when present 5 Crore Unique Demat accounts would become 10, 20, 30 Crore unique Demat accounts, Statements of our great market veterans would create more distraction.

We are just trying to provide the food for thought to the Traders / Investors. And only want to know, how many such statements are affecting and/or useful in their trading (investing) decisions.

We aren’t defaming, nor against, and/or blaming anyone, neither we are acting as a Moral Police.

Problem is they don’t issue clarification and/or provide follow-ups. But if they provide updates, then it would be a big help for retail traders or investors who follow their views. This should happen in all the situations & for forever.

Because, No one is right or wrong including ourselves.

Only Market is right and Supreme. Respect.

But Selected Disclosures Affect Us All.

This is How Innocent Investor played-out.

All of sudden, day before yesterday (i.e. Thursday, 28 October 2021) after Market hours, all the media starts flashing news about 50:50 convenience Ticketing Revenue Sharing arrangement between IRCTC and Railways Ministry starting from 1st November 2021.

And, on the next day, that is (yesterday) Friday 29 October 2021, on the expected lines IRCTC started hitting back to back Down Circuits from the opening bell itself – a good 30% Fall, (Thursday Closing 913.50, Friday Low 639.45) and all this in one day.

However, IRCTC recovered from Day’s Low to Close only 8% down, because flip-flop about the Revenue Decision started off from the high levels.

This is the governance standard for a listed Company, is it not ⁉️

Is anyone would ever be held responsible / accountable or should we take it lightly and assume it always happens – Rest is the History.

Even then, Market Veterans keep on issuing statements. Please refer below attached Screen Shots of 29th October 2021, till afternoon.

Hopefully, you noticed that views change with situation. And, this is bad, really bad.

Whereas, we did what we must.

That is what we said and did.

Notice the date, time & content thereof.


This is not only about one stock (IRCTC) but many others like IEX, AARTIIND, ADANI Groups, TATAMOTORS, TATAPOWER, DEEPAKNTR, NAVINFLUOR actually list is long, very long.

For Example: TATAPOWER: Doubled in 75 Days – from 125 in July 2021 to 250+ by October first week. How to justify this ⁉️

Hopefully, you got the point. This is all part of pump and Dump strategy designed for you – the innocent trader / investor.

  • In Bull Market: First Pump and then Dump.
  • In Bear Market: First Dump and then Pump.

We suggest you to trade with proper Stop-loss and invest only when having highest safety of Margin. And, most importantly willingness to EXIT, even at loss.

Always Remember:

The greater the Confidence, The greater the Risk,

The greater the Risk, The greater the odds of a Loss.

Things are never as good as you hope, but never as bad as you fear.

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