First thing First – “Background” !!

NIFTY50 had made all time high at 18604.45 levels in October 2021. But, even then, Mind you, people were reminded of March 2020 in next few week down the line.

You shall wonder WHY, HOW ⁉️

Because, after making all time high NIFTY50 has moved 2200pts “DOWN” , all that in water fall style – and we have been shown 18604 To 16410 levels in the next 42 working Days.

This was all sudden, unexpected, out of the blue, Severe fall. As, there was No News, Events and/or Announcement during the period to justify this magnitude and momentum. Except the listings of PAYTM, NYKAA, POLICYBZR and news about Omicorn, LIC IPO. 🤞

Because, other Global issues like Expensive Valuations, Inflation, Evergrande default did not show any impact and died down subsequently & quietly. 

Make your heart Stronger:

Traders need to accept that NIFTY50 moving 300pts to 700pts on intraday basis is nothing. Be prepared to see rather able to bear 1000pts daily volatility going forward.

That is how You would appreciate and going to experience the true power of Pillars’ Strategy – our Plan “B” which is nothing but the ruthless execution of the “STOP-LOSS”.

Whereas, Plan “A” is nothing but Trade only Selected Calls, hold with patience and discipline. 

Quarterly Performance – October, November, December of 2021

Executive Summary:

  • Losses Booked
    • CHOLAFIN: Short Sell Call
  • Profitable Calls were, 🎉
    • PETRONET: BUY Call
    • SBIN: Short Sell Call
    • TATACHEM: BUY Call
  • Missed Call
    • NONE 🙂

Carry Forward Positions to March 2022 Quarter are “ICICIGI, TORNTPHARM”

Positions Closed this Quarter which were carried forwarded: CHOLAFIN, PETRONET

Upon counting all the Profits & Losses Booked during the Period: Net Profit ₹30,000/-

Counted Per lot basis. Excluding Open Positions’ MTM, Brokerages, Government Taxes.





1st Quarter of 2021

January February March


To a member of 💯% Club following performance has been achieved in the 12 months of 2021.

  • First Quarter: ₹1,53,000/-
  • Second Quarter: ₹1,63,000/-
  • Third Quarter: ₹1,61,500/-

Fourth Quarter: ₹30,000/- 

Positive MTM of TORNTPHARM & Negative MTM of ICICIGI – Most Disappointing Call. 


All this by using 6lac Capital – that is Client’s Core Capital.

All these on One Lot basis and after adjusting for all the losses.

Now we have 6lac Core Capital + ₹5,07,000/- Booked Profit for this Year.

85% Return on Investment in 12 months. Short Fall can be covered in brand new Year.

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