Guaranteed. Success Mantra – Welcome To 2022 ‼️

Today is first working day of the New Year. And first off,

We give you written Guarantee, Commitment, Promise, Assurance that you will get 💯% honest accuracy from us – what may come in 2022.

Honest Accuracy means 100% Transparency.

No unpleasant Surprises from our side, what may come.

The very object of our existence is to make you even more stronger – both emotionally and financially; and, that is what you will get from us, day in day out.

This is our Guarantee, Commitment, Promise, Assurance on this first working day of 2022 for the rest of the Year. 🙂🙏🏽

Secondly, You may ask What could come ⁉️

Short & Sweet answer is “Wild & Abnormal Volatility” which will look like price action of 2020 and 2021 as a child’s play.

Reasons could be anything, few are listed below for an Idea,

  • Will S&P500 top 6000+ levels ?
  • Will GOLD top $3,000 per ounce ?
  • Will Adani Group becomes India’s Evergrande ?
  • Did WWIII just commence in the Ukraine / Taiwan ?
  • After LIC Government Plan IPOs of Railways, Indian Post ?
  • Cryptos would lead bubbles bust across Assets Classes including Stocks, Bonds, Commodity, Real Estate ?

Okay. You got the Idea that NIFTY50 / SENSEX may go to unbelievable levels even in 2022, just like they did all the while, however, reasons could be anything therefore not relevant to discuss.

You likely have opinions / views on those upcoming unbelievable Market levels. Many Traders & Analysts do. Important is our plan of action and your execution capabilities, Nothing Else.

Our advice is to trust your gut and follow our Stop-loss.

And, rest assured, Your guesses and, our Entry Exit levels are better than most.

Each day shall unfold before you to reinforce the same. Market would keep confirming via its action in due course, we are not in doubt so you must not be either.

Success Mantra: “ONE”

With all that (Yuan Currency Devaluation, Surgical Strikes, Demonetisation, GST, YESBANK, DHFL, COVID-19, Lockdown driven Tragic Deaths & Financial Hardships) behind us, and as we wave goodbye to another bizarre, exciting, surreal year, what stored in for 2022, and the next decade?

Honest Answer is We Don’t Know: as oldies and not so oldies traders are well aware, we do not pretend to predict the future. We leave the predicting to the “smartest people in the room” who year after year have been consistently wrong about everything, and never more so than in 2021.

After a deranged (mad, insane) 2021, anything and everything can happen in 2022 – including repeat of a mega collapse like March 2020 ‼️

As usual, Rocket Trades will be there each and every day- (every year from 2015) to react by building-up trading strategy & planning for all the possible scenarios for whatever Market’s action is.

Success Mantra: “TWO”

Stock Market is deeply divided place. By design, consensus doesn’t work here. This is not a conspiracy “theory”, rather this is an openly admitted reality.

Listed below two examples to make things more clearer.

Sound Smart or Get Rich – You Can’t Do Both.

Great Mystery of 2021 – Bearish Example 🐻: Both gold and silver ended the year sharply lower than where they started even though inflation hit the highest level in 40 years.

Great Mystery of 2021 – Bullish Example 🐂: S&P500 is super overvalued based on the CAPE ratio and the Buffett indicator therefore significant risky because there are no sufficient earnings to back it up. And, this was pretty much story for entire of 2021 at 3000, 3500, 4000 and 4500 levels and of course now at 4800 levels.

Bear Market in stocks. Bull Market in indices.

Sequence: Market Movements before happening

Leaving rest to your fine sense of judgement.

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