Game of Negative Positive News Flow 📰👿

First thing first

Here we are neither judging nor blaming or giving credits to anyone.

All we are trying to do is to present facts before you and based on that you must decide what is best for your trading account.

However, rest assured, we have already Decided that News Flash shall be ignored at all cost.

Secondly, you may have noticed that rarely the mass media refer about negativity surrounded for the impending stock prices more than the positives.


By chance if they do also then also that is already too late &/or that may be too little – by the time damage to Stock Prices are done already.

At last, You get NOTHING.

In other words, Mass Media’s activity suggest that you must be keep buying irrespective of whatever happening at macro or micro levels in Economy &/or that concerned Company.

Furthermore, Government, Promoters, Mutual Fund Houses, all are hand in glove because they all are deriving various benefits of this BUYING activity of Retailers – few are listed here, Taxes, Political Feel Good Factor, Fund Rising Activity, Systematic Investment Plans, Unit Linked Insurance Plans, etc.

Therefore, We suggest No Action – We must not trade / invest in confusion. That is all.

We are not against of this or that but what to do when things are not adding-up. 😕

Our Action is dependent on Safe BUYING Levels. Please wait for 15 August 2022.

MARICO: Quarterly Results

Screen Shots Taken on Saturday 6 August 2022

Negative Headline

Positive Headline

NYKAA – Quarterly Results

Screen Shots Taken on Saturday 6 August 2022

Negative Headline

Positive Headline

Same for International News also,

Screen Shots Taken on Saturday 6 August 2022

Negative Headline

Positive Headline

Closing Comments

Did You notice that all the Six Screen Shots are taken on the same day at same time.

Secondly, this is not the case of one day or one media source or one kind of news flow. This is the story of everyday. Yesterday we got another Example, see for yourself,

Headlines like this scare me because it seems to indicate the “get rich quick” mentality is getting tractions again.

PayTm – All Time High @ 1955

PayTm – All Time Low @ 510.05

Yesterday Closed @ 835 NSE Cash

Furthermore, when for the first time we realised this game of Mass Media, we started ignoring the same immediately at Rocket Trades.

Solution is to get Specific Tradable Levels from the Market for Your Trading Account.👇

Till then, Keep Money safe. No Hurry, No Worry, No Half Cooked Curry.

Need more help?

☎ +91 9900330558, Bengaluru; Preferably during Market Hours (9am to 4:00pm).

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