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Hold & carry positions until we do not advice exit.


Trade in February Contract

Lot Size: 1000 Shares

Span Margin: INR 57000/-

Originally this Call was generated on 25 JAN 2016 – Holding from there on till date.


*Above Image is for visual representation only. Assume No Responsibility.

3 thoughts on “BUY CESC FUTURE AT CMP 457

  1. Now Made a High above 437 in NSE Cash Levels. 1 Lot which was brought in morning session at 417 should be closed (now) at cmp 437 levels.

    After that, We will holding only original buying positions given at 457 levels.

    Keep eye on this space for more updates about CESC.

    *Special Remarks: We had booked 20pts profits; Because we did average. Therefore now costing has come down to 437 for CESC buy positions.


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