LUPIN buy executed, TGT 1920+ NSE Cash


Exit levels will be updated in comment box. Contact us for live SMS updates.

Hold & carry positions until we do not advice exit.


Trade in February Contract

Lot Size: 300 Shares

Span Margin: INR 75000/-

CMP 1777 (however, we expect pull back until 1740 & below)


*Above Image is for visual representation only. Assume No Responsibility.

Though, technically, “BUY” has trigger in LUPIN at & Above 1785 NSE Cash Levels, with Maximum SL 1690 NSE Cash Levels.

However, actual FnO trading entry & exit levels would be sending to interested traders via premium SMS server to reduce holding time & to maximize profit potential.

The very purpose of this post is to serve as records for future reference. Rather, not meant for actual trading.

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