BTST / STBT Calls for 24 JUNE 2016

We update live trading calls during the market hours in Comment box.

Mostly we are giving INTRADAY, BTST and STBT Trading Calls for Nifty & Stock Futures.

Maximum 4 trading calls will be carry forwarded to next working day, rest would be closed intraday itself. Mostly, we are giving Stock Futures.

We generate per trade 8000/- & more profit per lot basis, from Nifty & Stock Futures. Most importantly, please do consider that a particular position is closed once Market gave required profits; irrespective of our updates or no updates in comment box.

At the same time maximum permissible loss is also limited to 8000/- per lot basis.

Please do read comments about Entry, Exit mentioned in Comment box to verify trading timings & assess the accuracy yourself. Zero Stop Loss does not believe in Tall claims.

Stop Loss, Price Target, Trading Entry & Exit will be updated live during the Market hours.

Contact us for SMS Trading advisory Service.

Happy to Guide !

Next day, We will update daily profit loss statement here…

Idea is to provide you with an easy reference at later stage.

ZeroStopLoss were & would continue to give 100% update of each trading positions;  Irrespective of Market conditions to Free Trial & paid client alike. Period.

1 INTRADAY BANKNIFTY 120 17000 17250 30000
2 BTST 8000 CALL JUNE 75 85 150 4875
3 STBT HEROMOTOCO* 200 2970 3250 -20400
PROFIT   14475

HEROMOTOCO: Original Sell Positions were rollover at & above 3200 June Levels on Expiry Day, resulting in loss of 45000/- ((2975-3200)200)

Original Sell Position closed at 3250 July Future Levels. Therefore total loss 55000/-

Thereafter, We tried to cover lost ground by doing multiple trades. Here the details.

1 30 JUNE HEROMOTOCO 200 3200 3135 13000
2 12 JULY HEROMOTOCO 200 3225 3217 1600
3 18 JULY HEROMOTOCO 200 3275 3230 11000
4 21 JULY HEROMOTOCO* 200 3295 3250  9000
PROFIT   34600

16 thoughts on “BTST / STBT Calls for 24 JUNE 2016

  1. Knee jerk reaction all done, I guess.

    Not much trading is happening now. Seems like Market became clam now.

    Today is a good day to initiate buying in cash stocks. But Strictly not look beyond Top 200 NSE Companies.

    All those who do SIP should allocate extra funds at current levels.


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