BTST / STBT Calls for 22 AUGUST 2016

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Today we had generated two Buy calls for paid clients namely CASTROLIND and JISLJALEQS (Jain Irrigation) which were both given in August Futures Contract expiry.

Both were closed successfully during Intraday with combined booked profits of 15000/- per lot basis. Attaching below whatsapp screen shot for date & time details.


We prefer to service paid clients via whatsapp only. One must have minimum 3.5lac Cash Capital to do trading on our advice for Stock Futures. Though, we try to close positions on Intraday basis but not giving pure intraday cash equity calls & Options.

Concerned traders must note that we are not giving Stop Loss & TARGET initially, rather direct Entry & Exit that to be at current market price.

Secondly, Like Stocks Futures so is the Indices’ Plan. Here is screen shot for Nifty Clients.


One must have minimum 2.5lac Cash Capital to do trading on our advice for Index Futures. We advice for total 6 lots for both Nifty & BankNIFTY combined. There is no specific time period for holding for Indices but there is we follow strict SL and Target.

Monthly, we can generate minimum 1lac net profit if someone willing to do both Stock and Nifty Futures. However, one must have minimum required cash capital.

We are taking advance payment and giving 5 times return of what we are paid for.

For subscription details, please do contact us via following options,

Mobile Number: 07411141177

Mail ID:

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