NSE BTST STBT Tips for 26 Sept 2016

Greetings !

Usually, we update trading calls (tips / advice) on http://www.ZeroStopLoss.com website while giving entry to paid clients live herewith date & time.

However, this blog post is  exceptional on two counts,

First: Updating on closing day

Second: Updating WhatsApp Screen Shots

Reason being visitors (who are not yet paid clients) should be made aware of our actual workings with paid clients. Rather, to make them understand the working pulse.

We had divided this post in three parts First Entry, then Follow-up, and finally Exit.


BankNIFTY 2 lots (50%) given at 19950 in Sept Futures on 16 Sept 2016

Since it was 50% of trade & only open position therefore not given any SL, TGT…




Except for a one particular day (that is 22 Sept 2016); we were mostly closing in profit but minor one. Because of that we neither were able to book profit nor could give exit.

That day because of 550pts gap-up following scheduled FOMC announcement last night; we had to see near-about 15000 running MTM loss on closing basis.

Points to ponder: Markets were volatile and would remain volatile whatsoever. Therefore trick of trade is that trade limited  and in direction of trend. Ignore rest.

Risk, is always there in Market. Because someone else’s risk is only your REWARD…



Our paid clients exited today (26 Sept 2016) around 19720 levels, thereby booking profits of 230pts per lot basis, which is nothing short of Rs.18400 /- on given 2 lots.




One must have capacity, willingness and ability to take 4 lots trading positions in BankNIFTY, 2 lots in Nifty and 4 lots in Stock Futures on our given levels.

We ourselves are very conservative and therefore, not relying solely on Technical Analysis but giving extra dimensions in form of Trading Strategy & prevailing sentiments.

Above is perfect example, where we are not giving Stop Loss and Target to clients, even not utilizing 100% sanctioned trading capacity also. Reason is obvious !

Combine all Technical Analysis, Trading Strategy and Prevailing Sentiments to succeed.


Results speaks louder than words…

Team ZeroStopLoss