NSE BTST STBT Tips for 4 OCT 2016

Exclusive Trading Tips with Solo Entry & Exit

Following trading calls were given live on 4th October 2016,at market hours and their respective closing details are updated under:

*Check “Comment Box” to cross-verify post’s date & time:

1  STBT  ICIL 600  725 720 3000
PROFIT   3000

*Not adding up profits for positions not given to both MCX and Paid subscribers.

On closure of Open Positions, we would update profit (loss) in Oct Track Sheet

Idea is to provide you with an easy reference at a later date.

ZSL is & will continue to give 100% update of each trading positions;  for both Free Trial & paid client irrespective of the market conditions.

Know us better:

We update Live trading calls during the market hours in Comment box.

Predominantly we give BTST and STBT Trading Calls for Nifty & Stock Futures.

Maximum 4 trading calls will be carried forward to the next working day, remaining will be closed same day itself.

Our hatch for profit of each lot is Rs. 8,000 and increasing from Nifty & Stock Futures.

The maximum amount of loss is confined to Rs. 8,000/- per lot basis. However, paid clients are required to follow Stop Loss Strategy which will be broadcast after 3:15 pm via whatsapp.

We update only paid clients trading calls here. All paid clients are required to strictly follow whatsapp only for both Entry & Exit while Free trial clients are requested to follow SMS notifications.

Please do refer the comments section to verify all information about Entry, Exit & trading timings & assess the accuracy yourself. “ZSL does not believe in tall claims”.

Stop Loss, Price Target, Trading Entry & Exit will be updated live during the Market hours.

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Mobile Number: 07411141177

Mail ID: ZeroStopLoss@gmail.com

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