NIFTY & GOLD: Scientific Approach to Profits of 182000 Per lot Basis in 20 working days !

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Trading Success requires perfect combination of “Possibilities, Ego, Risk and Trust”. And this works two way. Both Adviser (Rocket) & Client (You) needs to accept fully with 100% positive mind-set. If anything missing then NIFTY Pillars Strategy will not work.

For Example: Believing in Nifty March Target of 9970 was very difficult when trading near 10600 or believing in 10800 when Nifty closed below 10000 on 23rd March Friday. But, all these were part of “Possibilities, Ego, Risk, and Trust”.

This update would help in recalling the happenings of the last 20 – 25 days for both NSE & MCX; which will help you in bearing Market pressures (created by various noises around us) in much better way next time to do fearless trading.

Working Principle: Trading is ZeroSumGame – Your Profit is actually someone else Loss.

In other words, we need to wait for Other Market Participants to make mistake and in order to build – up sizeable trading account gains; exploit their committed mistake at the maximize extend possible. This also means, we should not commit any mistake during the said Process.

That’s why Patience and discipline is most important at Rocket Trades. And this is sole reason of taking early (precautionary) exits from Market.

Here comes the Screen Shot to re-affirmed that Rocket practice exactly what it preaches.

Action Speaks Louder than words: Paid Client WhatsApps’ Screen Shot for Nifty & Gold

NIFTY April Futures Advise Records: Left Screen Shot Contents NIFTY Entry Details and Right Screen Shots content details about Stop-Loss and Target (sending time after Market hours)

Sometimes, Market do give away precise Re-entry & Second Re-entry, We try to encash those opportunities, too. However, Valid only for the Clients who got extra (& surplus) Capital and higher risk appetite is a must to maximize overall gains out of the same trade. During Nifty 10180 BUY Trade we got two Re-entries, here comes the Records.

I had not added both Re-Entries Profit in above 182000 amount.

Left Screen Shot Contents NIFTY First Re-Entry Details dated 28 March Morning and Right Screen Shots content details about Second Re-Entry Details of 4 April 2018

Be Prepared for even more higher price volatility and confusing Price actions.

On Friday 23rd March, when Nifty gave closing below 10000, No one was willing to believe in 10800 Nifty Target for April / May expiry. However, at writing of this article Nifty made high of 10594. Now, believing in 10800 is quite easy and comforting for the noise around you & me !

Left message contents various Possibilities, clear instructions of not keeping any Short Sell Positions in first half itself. Right Message sent just before closing on same day 23rd March.

Next Stage after Original Entry (& Re-Entry) is of-course Exit Message, which in this trade is nothing but Clear Profit Booking, that to be against all odds !

Now it is time for Exit from Nifty / Bank Nifty Buy Positions:

On 11th April, All Clients were told to exit and Profit Details were shared with them. No Fresh position is given till date. Rocket Clients are 100% in Cash both in NSE & MCX.

On 17th April, Advised Exit from NIFTY ETF also (NIFTYBEES / SETFNIF50) with 4% Returns.


Unlike Nifty, GOLD (SILVER) did not give second entry. If someone missed entry on 9th April 2018 had not get second chance to re-enter in Bullion BUY Positions, again.

That’s why all Clients are requested to be alert during last 20mins of closing time.


  • Counted Profit Loss of One Lot each of Nifty, BankNifty, Gold and Silver.
  • All trades (entry & exits) were given in last 20mins of closing only.
  • Did not count Profit of Re-Entry Trades.
  • Span Margin Details Per lot Basis,
    • Nifty Futures 62000
    • BankNifty 82000
    • Gold 155000
    • Silver 74000
  • As, I don’t recommend for Over Trading likewise Under Trading is also not preferable.

Closing my write-up by wishing you to keep Booking Profits by Trading Safely !

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