Black Swan Events – basic Awareness ‼️

A “Black Swan” is best defined as an unforecastable economic, financial and political calamities which is low-probability, but high-impact event.

Most Quoted Black Swan Even, till date, is Black Monday of 19 October 1987… 

While Black Swan events are, by this definition, unforecastable, the trends building up to them can often be observed.

It is like observing the buildup of pressure in volcanos. of course, This does not guarantee an eruption, but it provides an indication that such an event could occur.

Below are pressure points which could provide indication for “Financial Volcanoes” could occur going forward.

All become public knowledge post August 2020.

You must do Google for more details – we just used keywords.

  • SoftBank Whale
  • Robinhood
  • Melvin GME
  • Greensill
  • Archegos
  • SPACs
  • ARKK
  • TAN
  • Cannabis
  • Haurong

Common theme in all of the above names: “Massive Leverage”. Which can be lead into bigger crisis like,

1). Eurozone Banking & Political Crisis,

2). Appearance of fast inflation, and

3). “flood” of corporate bankruptcies

There are three ways to survive in Stock Market Trading: be first, be smarter… or cheat.

World economy, and the political system, are both highly interlinked. Which means, other shocks (which are not listed here) could appear in quick succession.

And, if that happens, then Investors would be destroyed, denied, degraded, and disrupted both sentimentally and financially.

This is how NIFTY50 Daily was looking just before 12 April 2021 Monday’s massive 524pts fall

We, precisely, know what to do when Market goes against us… And, that is nothing but

Pillars’ Strategy based “Select Call” with precise and perfected Stop-loss with the ruthless execution.

Post Stop Loss No Compromise in exiting, Whatsoever. Period.

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