MCDOWELL-N, CIPLA: 1,24,000+ Profit per lot basis‼️

MCDOWELL-N May Futures Buy

3rd – 26 May 2021:

524.75 – 590.85 = 66pts*1250

CIPLA May Futures Buy

17th – 26 May 2021:

881.20 – 945.15 = 64pts*650

Greetings ‼️

Pillars’ Strategy is Closing Price driven. 

Which means, Open, High and Low Prices are not important at all. 

If we did not have done price negotiation for Entry then both above mentioned calls namely MCDOWELL-N and CIPLA wouldn’t have been missed.

However, we could never avoid this negotiation thing as Market Volatility is way to high therefore we always try to get the best Entry and Exit prices for our Clients; few times we succeed in getting the same example TATAMOTORS, BAJAJ-AUTO and many times misses too like NIITTECH, INDIGO, JSWSTEEL, GRASIM etc.


Solution: Only way out, as we see, is to do multiple lots, at-least 2 lots per advised Call by Pillars’ Strategy.

Original Lot at advised level and 2nd lot near about Stop-loss, if at all prices comes near so.

Rest assured, in many cases, prices do not create any problem post Entry. 🙂🙏

Thank You.



Points to Ponder:

We always,

  • Give Importance to our analysis. Post Entry we don’t give any importance to news, events, announcements, if any.
  • Use NSE Code to describe Stock’s Name for example MCDOWELL-N is NSE Code but company name is United Spirits Ltd.
  • Send messages only at 2 times in a day (8:55am / 3:10pm) limited over WhatsApp.
  • Use Cash Prices. Entry, Exit all depends on Cash levels. Trade in Current Month Futures.

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Black Swan Events – basic Awareness ‼️

A “Black Swan” is best defined as an unforecastable economic, financial and political calamities which is low-probability, but high-impact event.

Most Quoted Black Swan Even, till date, is Black Monday of 19 October 1987… 

While Black Swan events are, by this definition, unforecastable, the trends building up to them can often be observed.

It is like observing the buildup of pressure in volcanos. of course, This does not guarantee an eruption, but it provides an indication that such an event could occur.

Below are pressure points which could provide indication for “Financial Volcanoes” could occur going forward.

All become public knowledge post August 2020.

You must do Google for more details – we just used keywords.

  • SoftBank Whale
  • Robinhood
  • Melvin GME
  • Greensill
  • Archegos
  • SPACs
  • ARKK
  • TAN
  • Cannabis
  • Haurong

Common theme in all of the above names: “Massive Leverage”. Which can be lead into bigger crisis like,

1). Eurozone Banking & Political Crisis,

2). Appearance of fast inflation, and

3). “flood” of corporate bankruptcies

There are three ways to survive in Stock Market Trading: be first, be smarter… or cheat.

World economy, and the political system, are both highly interlinked. Which means, other shocks (which are not listed here) could appear in quick succession.

And, if that happens, then Investors would be destroyed, denied, degraded, and disrupted both sentimentally and financially.

This is how NIFTY50 Daily was looking just before 12 April 2021 Monday’s massive 524pts fall

We, precisely, know what to do when Market goes against us… And, that is nothing but

Pillars’ Strategy based “Select Call” with precise and perfected Stop-loss with the ruthless execution.

Post Stop Loss No Compromise in exiting, Whatsoever. Period.

Thanks for Reading… 🙂🙏

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Now, next investment only @ 6900 NIFTY50 levels‼️

Season’s Greetings ‼️

Keep Multiplying your capital till eternity by doing three things properly:

1st). Select Group of Stocks with proper Analysis

2nd). Decide Entry Levels, Procedures to deploy cash

3rd). Be Clear about Holding Period. Neither too Short nor too long

Which means, you must be opportunist but armed with patience. Be Optimistic. 🙂🙏

For example, we are Optimistic that NIFTY50 would hit 6900 on or before next general election due in April-May 2024.

Coincidently, USA would also go in to their presidential election by November 2024. 

Provided there is no national emergency, and/or political urgency to prepone elections.

Something would happen in next few years which would bring NIFTY50 to 6900 levels, Just like, NASDAQ Bubble Bust 1999-2000, after that Great Financial Recession of 2007-2008 and now Covid-19 related Shutdown and Lockdowns in 2020. 

Whoever acted during these period had made quite a good bucks. Therefore be Optimistic.

Which means, wait for your chance to deploy Capital. No Hurries, No Worries, No Curries to exit. Initially, you would feel pressure but eventually would lead yourselves out from the financial troubles.

Anyways, we have Pillars’ Strategy to follow, until NIFTY50 gives us that precise Opportunity to do Bulk Cash Investments. Just like we got during March 2020

Here is the live result of that patience and optimism…👇

Correction, Recession, Depression !!

Greetings !! NIFTY Spot Index had crossed Financial Correction’s limit and even priced in Economic Recession Risk also at yesterday’s closing Price of below 9000. Now, People are talking about DEPRESSION (extended Economic Slowdown for months together) which means 7500 below, even…

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Diwali 2018 NIFTY Target 8000 – 8200

Greetings ! First Thing First – “The Disclosure”: Rocket Trades is neither biased nor acting too alarmist. Rather, trying to be realist. Our focus is on proprietary Technical Analysis and based on it’s reading only we arrive on a particular conclusion. However,…

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💯% precise Entry Levels in-spite of all talked for 6000 &/or 5500 as NIFTY bottom, back then.

And without a doubt, @ 6900 levels will be much better… Because after that we expect NIFTY50 to hit at-least 23000+ levels.

Thank You for the Reading.

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Nilesh Jain, Trading Counselor

SEBI RA: INH200002978, Bengaluru

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