Pillars’ Strategy:

Limit your Losses from Manic Monday, or Black Tuesday, or Woeful Wednesday, or Terror Thursday or Any Normal Friday.

Be a Partner at 100% Club

To successfully manage “known unknowns” and “unknown unknowns” of Stock Market Trading.

Of-course, never risk-free; at-least 20% of Your Capital is of Market Risk.

Your 10lac shall be 1Crore in 5 To 7 Years.

Reward – Risk – Expenses

How can you generate 10 Times Return in 5 To 7 Years, Are You Serious ? 🤔
  • Rest assured, we are very much Serious.
  • Our Pillars’ Strategy shall compound your Invested Core Capital of 10lac by 100% every year.
  • Provided, you don’t ever ignore any of our Trading Call and Market Instruction for any reason and never withdrew any funds.

Are you claiming that Pillars’ Strategy is 100% accurate ? 💭
  • No. Pillars’ Strategy is not 100% Accurate. what we are claiming is if you follow Stop-loss, stick with Instructions then relatively you are much safer in any given Market conditions.
  • You must read our following attached post, there we did show 10lac plus loss booked by following Stop-loss in the 25 Month’s period (From July 2019 To July 2021).
  • Check out: “Only ₹10,09,281.53/- Loss Booked by following SL”
  • All this is backed by Zerodha Back Office Records of the Member at 100% Club of Rocket Trades.
  • Actual Performance of 8+ Quarter is much long term period in Trading. During this Period, NIFTY50 had moved 16266pts Up Down in total.

You talked about Return, and then Risk. What about Expenses…💰

You have 4 Major Heads’ of Expenses,

  • Market Losses: Hitting Stop-losses, Missing Trading Calls. We compensate this head 100% at no extra cost.
  • Trading Related Charges: Brokerages, STT, Stamp Duty, etc
  • GST & Short Term Capital Gain Taxes
  • Rocket Trades’ Consultation Fee.

Last Three are partially compensated over time via Market Updates.

Even then, You will be having 68% plus Net Profit Margin.

Which means, 32% will go towards Expenses, Charges and Taxes. Add-up in Your Income Tax File. Trading in F&O is treated as a Business Income/Loss. Therefore ITR 4 should be filed with P&L, B/S. Refer Section 43(5).

Intra-day Stock Trading is considered as Speculative.

And, F&O Trading is considered as Non-Speculative. And, that is what we do.

For More Details…

👆 SL: Freedom from Losses

💯% Honest Accuracy.👇

Better Guidance for NIFTY & NSE Stock Futures

First time here? Let me tell you why Pillars’ Strategy rocks!
Client Conversation before Payment. Audio: Hindi

We are focused. Specialized for Stock Futures. Clearly understand the Market Volatility therefore giving only 50 Calls per Year. Base of our calls are various permutation and combinations of Fundamental, Technical, Sentimental and Astrology Indicators and values.

☝️Strictly Following SEBI Rules & Regulation.

Our Paid Services are only for Stock Futures, Indices. Not for Intraday, Options, Penny Stocks, Currency, MCX Futures & Options.

WhatsApp Service with Two Messages per day at 8:55am and 3:10pm, only. Clearly defined Entry Exit in Plain Simple English.

You can work with any SEBI registered Broker. Execution is Your responsibility; Market Support during Working hours ours.

Genuinely, Cares for You