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Trading in Stock Market is game of “known unknowns” and “unknown unknowns”.

Because, we have to face every week either Manic Monday, or Black Tuesday, or woeful Wednesday, or Terror Thursday or any normal Friday. You cannot escape !!

You need that perfect balance between speculative greed and speculative fear to control these Market Risks.

For more understanding on “RISK”, click on the following/s.

*Preparation generates Opportunity. past performance is not indicative of future results.

Bird’s Over view of our activities

SLWhat we do…What we don’t do, Strictly.
1Entry Exit only at a Specific timeIntraday (Equity and Futures)
2NIFTY & Single Stock FuturesTrading without Stop-Loss
3Exclusive WhatsApp ServiceMultiple Entry Exits, Multiple Lots
4Maximum 50 Calls in a YearOptions (Individual Stocks & NIFTY)
5Backhand Index Pointing Down on HTC Sense 7Updating Past Performance in Excel Sheet

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Be a Member at 100% Club

Original 5,00,000 converted into ₹11,00,000/- in first 9 months of 2020*


Treat trading as Business. Not as Gambling and/or get rich quickly scheme. Be Practical.

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Never lose “HOPE, never do blame us or Market or Your own luck for the losses, if at all any.

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Do trade on all the advises, please follow instructions precisely. In other words please let us do our work.

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