JUSTDIAL (fake news or real substance, who knows!)

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Friday, 10 Nov 2017, many print publications, Business TV Channels directly or indirectly had run a story before Market opening that JUSTDIAL is to be acquired by Google.

JUSTDIAL management (rather quickly) clarify but around 11:30am that they did not have any proposal in hand from Google.

However, by then damage was already done. Because, JUSTDIAL was up 17% plus and were trading near day high of 551 in NSE Cash compare to prior day closing of 459.

Upon clarification JUSTDIAL saw 10% correction rather quickly from day high.

Now, Imagine the condition of those traders who had Short Sell Positions in Futures from previous day or Retail Traders who brought near day high on Friday Morning.

Now, we are trying very hard to decide,

~ Who is the culprit ?

~ Who is the responsible ?

However, no respites expect that we can call this is an Irrational Trading Behaviour of Market Participates.

Another Example: Recapitalisation Bonds for PSU Banks announced on 24 OCT 2017. How can one forget single day 50% rally in PNB Stock next day.

Likewise, same way ROCKET clients also got trapped in ARVIND last week (3 November 2017). We had to book-out losses because of this irrational market behaviour.

We learnt our lesson in a sense that there are specific set-ups which gives early warning so that we can  apply enough safe guards.

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