Nifty TGT New Closing High (possibly 10700 & 10900)

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Theory of Analysis & Trading Conclusion: 

Trading Markets entitled every single Individual to draw their own conclusion.

For Example: In rare case only, two different Technical Analysts would draw same conclusion by seeing one set of price action (chart reading).

In a nutshell, we can safely assume that Stock Market comprises People who represents many approach, thoughts, attitude and therefore, react in different fashion for same news, development. Resulting in price fluctuation / volatility.

In shorts, alignment of thoughts is a bigger challenge for an advisory then generating (analysing and selecting best possible) trading positions for it’s Clients.

Rocket Trades or any Analyst for that matter does nothing but Data Interpretation,  (drawing actionable conclusion from specific set of numbers), by assuming that Stock markets are efficient trading machines, which draws same conclusion based on inputs.

Above process is broadly divided into two namely, Fundamental and Technical Analysis.

Seems so simple. Not Really because even then, there are quite a few challenges because of which drawn conclusion could still generate losses for an advisory, namely,

  1. Selection of Most Important Data Set – because that’s the starting point.
  2. Timely & Complete Data Access depended on Technical Issues and Internet
  3. 100% Data Accuracy & on regular basis which always (reliable) source depended
  4. Fitment of Data in Analysis Model – organising and arranging data in a proper order
  5. Enough back tested data for all Market cycle & conditions, therefore up-coming Market conditions Identification becomes easy therefore advance alert for clients.
  6. Finally, a point where analyst get confirmation for Entry, Stop-Loss and target.

Competitive advantage is result of persistent long term efforts by keep adjusting analysis strategy with prevailing time therefore market conditions.


Practical Application of Analysis & Trading Conclusion: 

Following three Image sets depict the same & even more, from 13 to 16 November 2017

We were carrying Short Sell Positions from last week, Image Set ONE shows how Clients were notified about our thoughts and possible actionable plan, mind you that to be well in advance vis-a-vis prevailing Nifty trading prices & among so many conflicting voices!


Image Set TWO has specific instructions about revising Stop-loss, closing down of open Short Sell positions and next market entry direction & possible Price Target.


Finally Image Set – THREE – First & foremost, Clients were apprised why there is possibility to buy Nifty by explaining them about Three Pillars of Nifty Trend Confirmations, that to be during pre-opening at a very specific level & time.


Practical Application Process ends here:

As, Final conclusion highlighted via red box in Sub-Image (Six).



  1. All these WhatsApp messages were sent to Paid & Trial Clients at the same time.
  2. The purpose of this post is nothing but to explain about our working style. This is standard operating procedure which we apply while analysing Index & Stocks.
  3. At the maximum, we can do is to send timely & clearly explained message. Acting on advice is client’s (sole) discretionary and therefore, beyond our scope of work.
  4. This Post in no way claims that Nifty will do exactly as explained.
  5. Pure-coincidence: Moody’s India Rating upgrade came just after our BUY execution.
  6. Nifty can achieve our given price target or reverse trend mid-way, even can hit SL.

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