Buy GLENMARK May Future at cmp 862


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Hold & carry positions until we do not advice exit.


Trade in MAY Contract

Lot Size: 500 Shares

Span Margin: INR 53700/-

CMP  860 NSE cash Levels

*Above Image is for visual representation only. Assume No Responsibility.

Though, technically, “BUY” has trigger in GLENMARK.

The very purpose of this post is to serve as records for future reference. Rather, not meant for actual trading.

http://www.ZeroStopLoss were & would continue to give 100% update of each trading positions;  Irrespective of Market conditions to Free Trial & paid client alike. Period.

We generate minimum 28000/- & more profit per lot basis, from positional Calls.

Please do follow comment Box which contents information about Entry, Exit with timings to verify accuracy all yours. Zero Stop Loss does not believe in Tall claims.

Stop Loss, Price Target, Trading Entry & Exit will be updated live during the Market hours.

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