GRASIM: “BUY” Performed even in Down Market !

Greetings !

On Monday, 10 September 2018, When Nifty was down more than 135pts (from high to low) our Proprietary Trading Strategy initiated BUY in Grasim with 15000 Risk per lot basis.

After Holding for 5 days especially when Nifty was down more than 200pts from our advised BUY levels but still booked 37500+ Profits Per lot Basis on Friday 19 September 2018.

This is the true Power of OAA (One Against All or Against All Odds) !

Entry Exit are always given at 3:10pm time. Screen Shots are attached for the reference.

Best Part: GRASIM performed even though it is NIFTY50 Stock under such circumstances

There is no dearth of Market provided Mismatched Money Making Opportunities, Just need to wait for right time to strike gold.

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