Only ₹10,09,281.53/- Loss Booked by following SL‼

👆 And plus, Total Brokerages, Taxes, Expenses incurred and paid by One of Rocket Trades’ 100% Club Member for 8+ Quarters, Starting from July 2019 to July 2021.

Executed totally 130 Trades including of Rollovers, Multiple Lots, and Hedges. However, only 60 Unique Stock Futures were advised, no Intraday and no Options.

During this period, Total accumulated (Gross) Loss of ₹10,09,281.53/- was incurred and A/c Holder followed our instructions promptly without rising single question on decisions advised by us. Absolute, Controlled Confidence.

During these 25 Months’, Market had witnessed multiple events – Results, RBI & USA FED Meet, Government Stimulus & News, SC Verdicts, State Elections, GST, Auto, Telecom, Cement, Excise, Inflation Data Points, Global Volatility & Events driven Gap Openings, actually list is endless. Above all, World Wide War-Footing Emergency.

Detailed Record: See Yourself… 🙂🙏

☝️SL: Freedom From Losses

Record uploaded Upon approval.

This A/C had faced highest Losses among all other.

Special Mentioned: We are grateful to the A/c holder for maintaining the association and continuous working with us from July 2019 till date without missing any given trading call, In spite of initial non-performance &/or Losses Booked.

Secondly, allowed us to update records keeping identity confidential.

Thirdly, for Motivation: Nileshji, who will give 68% Net Profit Margin without any 3rd Party Payment Default Risk. with only 10 minutes’ focus everyday.

Most importantly, never withdrew even a single Rupee from this Trading Account, till date. Neither for Short Term Capital Gains Tax nor for Rocket Trades’ Consultation Fee.

AND, we never ever asked for refueling of Capital in-spite of the initial losses.

As of date, net Cash Balance in said trading account stands ₹19,00,000/- around even after accounting the losses mentioned above. Whereas, original Capital was only 7.25lac.

Which means, the difference is neat and clear Profit; withdrawable anytime.

This performance is long enough to clarify that “Long Term Sustainability doubt”, Guess so ⁉

Profits: What If, this 19lac becomes 38lac+.

Losses: Accept them as cost of Running a Business, just like any other.

Rocket Pillars’ Strategy Calls are driven by conviction, not out of compulsion.

Alleged Guilty but Proved our Innocence…👆

behind each of these calls is an origin story.

True strategy must be tested, repeatedly, tirelessly, mercilessly, and survive the assault every time.

Two Options for Stock Market Trader: Consistent Compounder OR Generation Icon

first). Consistent Compounder: Equivalent to the good kid who always studied and became a Professional Degree Holder (Doctor, CA, Engineer, UPSC Officer). Easy and Predictable. But, Reasonably Risky.

second). Generation Icon: Equivalent to Kid who drop out from College and turns out Super Successful. Highly Risky. And, Many Parents would hope otherwise. Therefore, not suggested.

Pillars’ Strategy is that Consistent Compounder.

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