NIFTY50 - JULY 2019 TO JULY 2021

Stock Futures: 25 Months of Better Guidance ‼

Do you know how many Gap – ups or Gap – Downs were there during this period ❓


This much NIFTY50 had moved in last 25 Months.

If, One counts only Major Price Actions that is from “JULY” 2019 11800 To 10637 then 12431 To 7511 till 15900 of “JULY” 2021. AND, mind you this is nothing.

Be prepare to See 1000pts NIFTY Price Action on Daily basis.


Hopefully in this back-drop, now you would agree with us that Stock Market Traders (even Investors) required guidance for every single day about the followings,

1). When (and how long) To “HOLD”

2). When (where, in which direction) To ENTER”

3). When (what is SL, TGT) ToEXIT”

4). When (before TGT, post TGT, at TGT) To Book “PROFIT”

5). When To Book LOSS and from Where To “RECOVER”

6). Most Importantly, When To Remain in 💯“CASH”


Therefore, everyday, we Research, Analyse, Think and then provide answers for all these genuine questions with utmost honesty.

By keeping in mind the End Result.

  • Profit: You remain HAPPY till next Profit.🙂
  • Loss: We remain SAD till next Profit.😢

And to get Profit YOU should Buy in Bullish Market & Short Sell in Bearish Market irrespective of Statements, Interviews, Reasons, especially those which are full of heavy Jargons, comparison based on historical data and shown multiple times in a single trading day.

Why You should not follow News, Events for Trading…

This article is to explain the same point to you via last 25 Months’ Record.

You should note the Date, Time of Posting. We have used WhatsApp Screen Shots to validate our stand before you that What, When, Where, Which, How did we handle the Market Conditions, News, Events etc starting from June-July 2016 till date.

But, things are constantly improving at Rocket Trades and in Pillars’ Strategy Set-ups for the good and rest assured, will keep on improving even more with every passing day.

We had not given 100% accuracy to the Subscribers of those time and possibly can never be in future. But, what we gave them is 100% better guidance before any other Sources could give, both PAID as well as FREE.

Here are the blog postings, arranged in Latest to Oldest date wise.

When To Book LOSS and from Where To “RECOVER”

Losses Incurred – Recovered and Generated 162% Return in 25 Months.

When To “HOLD”

For 97 Days Holding – In-spite of all News, Events, Results

When To “ENTER”

Remember 600pts NIFTY Correction on 21st December 2020

When To “EXIT”

👆 Same Day Exit of ENTRE saved us 3,00,000/- per tot basis.

When To Remain in 💯% “CASH”

👆 We were sitting in 100% Cash with Zero Positions for Entire of March 2020

When To Book “PROFIT”

All these achieved with Single Lot of NIFTY BANKNIFTY. Remember Corporate Tax Cut ⁉

The Difference between Two Traders – Narender & Rahul

Up until now everything is awesome.

How do you trade the next phase ⁉️

Need more help?

☝️ SL: Freedom from Losses

No Hurry, No Worry, No Half-Cooked Curry.