Burning Questions: Which you always wanted to ask but somehow didn’t…

One To One Discussion about Past, Present and Future.

You should listen attached Audio patiently (with a calm mind, ofcourse) because this is what Stock Market Trading is all about.

All based on actual facts. Nothing artificial. 💯% truth.

Idea is to share our thoughts, working philosophy, future plan of actions and most importantly, justification about past actions of ours.

Burning Questions about ICICIGI, TORNTPHARM, and Market RISK verses Rewards.

Uninterrupted and Unintended last evening (2nd March 2022) recording.

51 Minutes’ Recording with the Friend of a Client.

Identity has not been revealed.

Language: Hindi

We always welcome such difficult questions, doubts because those help us to improvise our working for better future.

Feel Free To Ask. 🙂🙏

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